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Le Monde Francophone

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canada Canada


cte divoireCôte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)


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Le Bal Masqué

Le Bal Masqué

Ma Journée

Watch these videos to see what a typical day is like for French students.

This one is about 6th grade students on the first day of school. Listen and watch and see what you can understand.

Looking At The Euro and The Franc

In this picture, the top bill is the old euro bill and the bottom is one that was just printed in 2014.  This is the front side.

real euros

Here are the same two bills on the back side, and a bag of euro coins.

real euros2

Here are all of the euro bills and coins.

euros all

euros coins all

The old French  money was called le franc.




The Euro


Click this link to see pictures of euros.   When you get there, click the arrow on the right and you can see a lot of pictures of the bills and coins.

C’est L’heure

It’s time to learn about time!

Watch both of these links about time.

Time For Kids- France

Click the map to visit the website called Time For Kids.  There’s a special section about France.  Complete the assignment about some areas of France.



What Is La Toussaint?


La Toussaint is a holiday in France on November 1.  Flowers called les crysanthèmes are brought to cemeteries to honor those who have died.  Click on one of the links below to learn more about La Toussaint.

Getting Into The Spirit

What a really cool Halloween Costume!


Chanson Pour L’Halloween

A great song just in time for Halloween!