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What Is Crocheting?

I’ve offered an enrichment and an after school activity called crocheting.  Many people have learned this really cool skill, but what is it?  Take a look!

ImageThere are many theories about where crocheting started, click here to read about it.  Historian agree that the word crochet is from the Middle French (that’s the language between Old French and today’s French) meaning hook.  You must have a hook to crochet!

If you haven’t learned how to crochet yet, be sure to sign up for the enrichment for next year!  It seems to be very popular with the girls but boys are welcome too!

Love These Signs!

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Puppets Speak French!

Madame Olson’s class used their puppets to say the alphabet in French!

photo(28) photo 2(4) photo 3(4)

Read Across America

Emily joined us from the high school to read to Ms. Walker’s class on Read Across America Day.


She read Poisson Un, Poisson Deux, Poisson Rouge, Poisson Bleu by Dr. Seuss.

Emily was a student for 3 years at Mattacheese and now she is in high school.  It was so  much fun to listen to her speak French!  Merci, Emily!

Something New

These hands have been outside my door for quite a while and I’d like to put up something new.  What could we make that would be a good replacement?


Maplelea Dolls

photo 3(3)

A student recently brought in her Maplelea doll to show us.  What’s a Maplelea doll?  It’s like an American Girl doll, but they are from Canada.

photo 1(3)

This doll has a shirt that says “J’adore la musique” and she came with hockey equipment.

She also came with a really cool journal that tells all about her in French and in English.  Here’s the French part.

photo 2(3)

Thank you, Amelia, for showing us this really cool Maplelea doll!

Holiday Songs

These are some familiar songs that we normally sing around the holidays.  They are youtube links, so you can’t look at them at school, but you can go to when you’re at home and listen to them.  The last one is not one that we sing in English but I thought you might like it.

Listen to Stories in French

Click on this link and you can choose stories to listen to in French.  Sadly, they do not work on the ipad, but if you have another device to use, they are fun to listen!

Penpals From France!

Mlle. Watson has a friend who lives in Gasny, France and teaches English to French students.  Gasny is in the Normandy region, about 1.5 hours west of Paris.

Monday, students in French club all received letters and some received little gifts from their new penpals.  Some have 2 or 3 French penpals!  Now they will write back to their penpals and we’ll send their letters just before the winter vacation!

photo 5

Students look at letters and gifts from their penpals.

photo 1

One students received New Year’s cards from his penpal!

photo 1(1)

Looking at letters!

photo 1(2)

More letters!

photo 2(2)

Letters and a bracelet from a penpal!

photo 3

The box that the letters and gifts arrived in.

photo 3(1)

Letters and another view of the New Year’s cards.

If you want to know more about their school, there is a link over on the left side of the page called College Marc Chagall.  That is the name of their school.  You can find out some interesting stuff, like their lunch menu, even if you can’t read everything in French!

Look At Their Eiffel Towers

For National French week, French club students were invited to create their own versions of La Tour Eiffel.   Look at what they did!


All of them together!


The tallest one!


This one has little sparkles on it!


Complete with a flag on top!


A team effort and look at the village all around it!


She even included cars!


A string art version of La Tour Eiffel!


Another one with a flag!