Favorite French Foods

In 6th grade, we just started talking about food.  I shared some famous French specialty foods, and it got me thinking.  Which French foods have you actually tried?  What did you think?

63 thoughts on “Favorite French Foods

  1. i’ve tried creaps there REALLY REALLY good (to me) but i only think that because i live pancakes and creaps are just like panckes but thinner.

  2. my favorite food is creaps. I love the nutella with it they are so thinand taste great

  3. I’ve tried croissants. I don’t really like them. But, I also tried a crepe with Nutella on it 🙂 It was very good.

  4. hmmm. . . do french fries count? Ive had crepes and croissants. 😀 i like them both 😉

  5. I’ve had so many croissants that I’ve lost count! Something about them is just so good! They’re so flaky and buttery. I’ve also had eclairs which are also very, very good! Also crepes are good with a little fruit on top of them! I once had a plain one and personally like the ones with stuff on them.

  6. i loveee crepes i had them at julias party one time for dresest it was the bestt =)☺

  7. i have tried crepes in homeroom for mitchells birthday they were sooooo good with nutella:))))))

  8. I can’t say I’m a big fan of French foods-i draw the line at escargot and goose liver but I absolutely love croissants, le chocolat chaud, crepes and nutella to name a few!

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