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C’est L’heure

It’s time to learn about time!

Watch both of these links about time.

Time For Kids- France

Click the map to visit the website called Time For Kids.  There’s a special section about France.  Complete the assignment about some areas of France.



What Is La Toussaint?


La Toussaint is a holiday in France on November 1.  Flowers called les crysanthèmes are brought to cemeteries to honor those who have died.  Click on one of the links below to learn more about La Toussaint.

Getting Into The Spirit

What a really cool Halloween Costume!


Chanson Pour L’Halloween

A great song just in time for Halloween!

Louis Pasteur

photoThis is a picture of Louis Pasteur, a French scientist.  Click on the links below to learn  more about him.

C’est L’automne!


An Important Message

Back To School- La Rentrée



In France, just like here, everyone is getting ready to go back to school.  They call it La Rentrée and it almost feels like a special season.  Many people in France take their vacations in August and a lot of small businesses close for the month of August.  For a lot of people, September isn’t just about going back to school, it’s about going back to work and getting back into a routine.  Are you ready for La Rentrée?  Are you getting back to your routine?

Look around your house this week and see if there’s anything you might have that has French on it.  Here are some hints:  shampoo, make-up, cereal or macaroni and cheese boxes, calendars, even the tags in your t-shirts!  I think you’d be surprised to find a lot more French in your house than you realize!  Be ready to name something in your house that you found with French on it!

It’s Almost Time

In France and here, it’s almost time for La Rentrée, Back to School time!  What do you hope to learn in French this year?