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Great Sites & Games

Listen to stories read in French!

Learn your numbers here!

All about the European Union!

This is a really neat site that Josalyn found. I had never seen it before, but I really like it!

This is a GREAT website that Talita found for us. Everything you could ask for and more about France and French!

Chapter 3 in Allez Viens- Cool stuff to do:

Chapter 8 in Allez Viens- Cool stuff to do:

The school district’s web page:

Clothing Packet website: Try it! You can play games, quiz yourself, etc.

McDonalds in France:

Facts about France:

France Monthly: A newsletter in English that brings you interesting information about France each month. You have to subscribe for free here:

French Speaking Countries Map:

Find out how popular your name is in France! click on this site and in the second column at the top that says prénoms, type in your first name. It will show you a graph of how popular it has been over the years. It’s pretty neat!

POST CARDS! First, copy this address [email protected] so you can paste it in a minute. Click on this site to choose a post card to mail to me! Pick whichever picture you like. When you fill out the information, if you don’t have your own email address, you can paste mine in the spot that asks for yours. Just be sure to put your name, so I know I am not sending it to myself! Paste my address in the part that asks where it’s going. Don’t forget to type a message too!

FLASH CARD MAKER!!! This site helps you make your flash cards right on the computer for you to print and save on line to quiz yourself! You might need some plug-ins, so ask your parents for help!

COOL PHRASES! This is a neat site to learn whole sentences and questions! Check it out!

PARIS! A really great site to see things Paris is: You can visit museums, see the subway system and all sorts of neat things.

LA TOUR EIFFEL! See how pretty it really is, read the history and then quiz yourself with the little games they have.

GAMES! Two sites and are places where you can play games in French and English.

FRENCH STUFF! is a site where you will have to work a little to read what other students have submitted in French, but it’s neat.

PEUGEOT! Fancy cars

MARIE CURIE! Scientist extraordinaire!

FAMOUS FRENCH PEOPLE! This site has many links for your biography project.