Where’s Mademoiselle Watson?

file_000Many of my former students at Wixon were shocked to get to school in September and find that not only was I not there, they also wouldn’t have French this year!

What happened?

After teaching French for 20 years, I had the opportunity to change positions, so I took that opportunity.

What is Mademoiselle doing now?

You might have seen me in your schools because I still work for the district.  Now, I am the Assistant Director of Digital Learning and Library Services.  I work in the technology office which is at Mattacheese, but I am out and about in all the schools.
What does the Assistant Director of Digital Learning and Library Services do?

Remember how we used ipads in class almost every day, and I had my own website and we used google classroom a lot and I had the agenda on the Smartboard every day?  All of those technology tools became such a part of my everyday teaching and helped students become better users of technology too.  Now, instead of just working with students, I work with adults in lots of different positions in the district, helping them learn how to use ipads, apps, web tools and keep their websites up to date.  The next time your teacher  introduces a new app or a new way to use technology, it might be because I helped them learn how to do it!

Do you still speak French?

Oui!  I run a group at the Cultural Center in Yarmouth for adults who speak French.  We get together one a month and watch a French  movie or have a potluck dinner with French foods.  I read a lot of things online in French and sometimes I watch videos in French too.

If you see me, make sure you say ‘hi’!  I love to see former students in their new classrooms and it’s even more fun to see my former students as they get ready to graduate.  I’ll be around, so be sure to wave when you see me!

Looking At The Euro and The Franc

The euro is the money they use in France and some other countries in Europe.  Click here to see what the euros look like,  up close.  You can click the right arrow to see different pictures.  Look carefully at the pictures so you can answer the questions about the euro.

In this picture, the top bill is the old euro bill and the bottom is one that was just printed in 2014.  This is the front side.

real eurosHere are the same two bills on the back side, and a bag of euro coins.

real euros2Here are all of the euro bills and coins.

euros all

euros coins all

The old French  money was called le franc.




Louis Pasteur

photoStep 1:  Click here to watch a video about who Louis Pasteur was and what he did.  Then come back to this website to do the next step.

Step 2:  Now that you watched the video about Louis Pasteur, fill out the sheet called Louis Pasteur.  You can use the websites below for more information.