Welcome to my blog for people who are passionate about the French culture and language! I am a French teacher in in Massachusetts.  I spent 17 years teaching middle school French and in 2013, I moved to the 4th and 5th grade building to create a French program.

For years I had a website for my students, but now my students can actually interact with each other and with me online! I originally thought I would use this blog only with my students, but now I think it’s even better that other people are also responding to my posts. I am especially excited about the prospect of Francophones from around the world taking part in this blog!

I grew up in the town where I teach and I often teach children of my former classmates!  I love the small town feel of where we live.

I have been to France 4 times.  The longest time I spent there was in 1994 when I was in Aix-En-Provence for a semester in college.  Most recently, I chaperoned a trip to Paris with our local high school students. In 2007, we began a yearly trip to Québec City for our middle school students.  For 3 nights, 4 days, we travel the city and see and hear all that it has to offer.

I am always looking for teachers who want to make connections with our classes.  If you’re interested, contact me and we’ll discuss a plan.

Let’s keep posting and sharing our love for the French language and culture!

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