Back To School- La Rentrée



In France, just like here, everyone is getting ready to go back to school.  They call it La Rentrée and it almost feels like a special season.  Many people in France take their vacations in August and a lot of small businesses close for the month of August.  For a lot of people, September isn’t just about going back to school, it’s about going back to work and getting back into a routine.  Are you ready for La Rentrée?  Are you getting back to your routine?

Look around your house this week and see if there’s anything you might have that has French on it.  Here are some hints:  shampoo, make-up, cereal or macaroni and cheese boxes, calendars, even the tags in your t-shirts!  I think you’d be surprised to find a lot more French in your house than you realize!  Be ready to name something in your house that you found with French on it!

What Is Crocheting?

I’ve offered an enrichment and an after school activity called crocheting.  Many people have learned this really cool skill, but what is it?  Take a look!

ImageThere are many theories about where crocheting started, click here to read about it.  Historian agree that the word crochet is from the Middle French (that’s the language between Old French and today’s French) meaning hook.  You must have a hook to crochet!

If you haven’t learned how to crochet yet, be sure to sign up for the enrichment for next year!  It seems to be very popular with the girls but boys are welcome too!