French In the Media

Sometimes, we hear French songs used in commercials, like the Target ad I mentioned a few posts ago.  I’ve seen some ads where people are actually speaking French.

Sometimes, I read articles in the newspaper or in magazines, or even online, where French is used in the English article.

When I watch a TV show where someone wants to go to France, or they talk about France, it’s always portrayed as a gorgeous place with fashionable people and amazing food.

Why do you think Americans are so fascinated with France?

26 thoughts on “French In the Media

  1. I think Americans are fascinated in France because it is different and it is in a different continent.

  2. It’s a nice place and they have beautiful sculptures and it’s also famous for the Eiffel Tower and many other buildings.

  3. I think that they are so fasciniated with france because most people havn’t had the chance to go to france so its a new place that we think is cool as americans.

  4. I think America is so fascinated with France (and especially with commercials like the target one) because, France is a very “fashion forward”.

  5. i think we’re so interested in france because it is the most fanciest country in the world!

  6. I think because it is the fancy country, also because it is very different, and has the most famous painters and buildings there!

  7. I agree with Abby W. France is very “fashion foward” and seems to be ahead in everything compared to America. France also has lots of great monuments that have inspired the Americans for many years. I mean, one of our own national monuments-the statue of liberty- had it’s core designed by a french man who also built the Eiffel tower- Gustav Eiffel.

  8. I think Americans are so intersted in French because the french traditons and what they do can be different from us.

  9. it probably cause they are fasinated by there food and and culture and the beutiful sights and seeings to see and the famos people that walked that place to make it soo famos and traditions

  10. I think Americans are so fascinated with France because of all the unique monuments, food and culture.

  11. I think that Americans are fasinated with Frace because they have very nice buildings and everybody seems happy there.

  12. I think it’s because Americans are curious to learn new things and france is something different

  13. I think people are so fascinated with France because France has lots of stuff that he in America we don’t have. Lots of cool architecture everywhere, museums and other tourist attractions.

  14. I recently watched a movie that took place in Paris during the Holocaust. It wasn’t a very happy movie, but I still think Paris looked beautiful. Although the actors spoke English too, most of the movie was in French, but with sub-titles. I think American’s are fascinated by France because it is a foreign place with a different culture and creativity.

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